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New Developer Documetation site

Published on 02/01/2023 by CoderBot

A new entrypoint for documentation related to the development of the CoderBot software

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New control board for CoderBot

Published on 08/05/2020 by CoderBot

New motor control and I/O board for CoderBot.

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The new CoderBot is born

Published on 07/02/2019 by CoderBot

Here we are, the new CoderBot is ready!

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Objective achieved for CoderBot, the robot for playing thinking

Published on 02/05/2018 by CoderBot

Objective achieved for CoderBot, the robot protagonist of the first crowdfunding project of the University of Milano-Bicocca.

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Università Milano-Bicocca and the CoderBot project

Published on 01/01/2018 by CoderBot

Innovation, training, discovery and science. These are the main ingredients of CorderBot, the educational robotics project on which the University of Milano-Bicocca decided to bet.

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What are robots for in the classroom

Published on 15/12/2017 by CoderBot

You learn by building: this is nothing new. And what about with new technologies?

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CoderBot at Maker Faire Rome 2017

Published on 10/12/2017 by CoderBot

"With CoderBot you learn by playing"

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CoderBot at MeetMeTonight 2017: a robot to play thinking

Published on 01/10/2017 by CoderBot

Great success again this year with the three educational workshops open to the public.

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CoderBot at Educational Robotic Week 2017

Published on 01/06/2017 by CoderBot

CoderBot was one of the topics covered in the conference Playing thinking, methods and technologies for the educational and didactic use of robots.

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CoderBot at MeetMeTonight 2016: a robot to play thinking

Published on 01/10/2016 by CoderBot

As is now customary, CoderBot participated in MeetMeTonight, this year with three different experiences available to the public.

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CoderBot version 3.0

Published on 15/11/2015 by CoderBot

The new version of CoderBot brings new sensors, new camera functions, optimiztions

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The MeetMeTonight 2015's CoderBot adventure

Published on 15/10/2015 by CoderBot

Educational robotics, games, lot of fun for everyone.

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CoderBot at MeetMeTonight 2015

Published on 15/09/2015 by CoderBot

CoderBot will be used at the 'Play and think with educational robotics'

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Motor control board updated

Published on 07/05/2015 by CoderBot

The new board fixes some glitches, adds extra Servo control

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Hour of Code 2014 - Build and code your own robot!

Published on 14/12/2014 by CoderBot

A robot-based coding session for 2014 Hour of Code

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Welcome to CoderBot all-new website

Published on 01/10/2014 by CoderBot

CoderBot finally has a website with all required information to build it

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