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CoderBot version 3.0

Published on 15/11/2015 by CoderBot

CoderBot 3.0 is out! CoderBot version 3.0 adds several improvements, including the ability to use the camera as a sensor, it can also use sonora proximity sensors to detect the presence of obstacles, and a microphone to record audio and detect speech.

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The MeetMeTonight 2015's CoderBot adventure

Published on 15/10/2015 by CoderBot

“Can you play Ruzzle? Yes, really? But are you able to program a robot? Come here, let’s try! You see, one step after the other, you did it!”

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CoderBot at MeetMeTonight 2015

Published on 15/09/2015 by CoderBot

CoderBot renews its participation at MeetMeTonight, also knowns as “The night of the scientific research” in Milano, Italy at Giardini Montanelli on September 25th e 26th: it will be used at the stand “Play and think with educational robotics”

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Motor control board updated

Published on 07/05/2015 by CoderBot

The new motor control board (or “hat”, in Raspberry PI terms) is finally here.

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Hour of Code 2014 - Build and code your own robot!

Published on 14/12/2014 by CoderBot

Learning to code in order to be active and creative players in the digital revolution, this is the “motto” of the “Hour Of Code” initiative that let, for the second year, millions of kids experience computer programming in order to be a creative “producer”, rather than just a passive “consumer” in the digital revolution. In Milano, Italy, thanks to the support of CoderDojo Milano, which organised a very special “digital creativity” workshop with several activities, a session dedicated to robots took place.

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Welcome to CoderBot all-new website

Published on 01/10/2014 by CoderBot

CoderBot finally gets a whole new website with all the information required to actually make the robot out of standard, generally available parts.

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